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Developing Web Content through Play

Narrative Design Labs are creative labs where as a business person, you are challenged to look at your business (and yourself) in a new way. Today, we are actors in a new business environment. We need to find a new way to look at our work and how we express who we are and what we offer. This post (hopefully) will spark your creativity and give you a fresh outlook for work.

Thoughts on Writing Naked

Writing naked is about getting to the point. Avoiding unnecessary words and phrases. Seth Godin says we don’t write naked because we are afraid. While I admit that I am afraid and so the text gets flowery, there are other reasons for flowery text. What do you think?

Spider Food: Search Tools for Website Content

Need some awesome tools to help develop your web content? Google has a few of them, including a keyword tool, Google Insights (to watch trends) and the Wonder Wheel. Armed with these, you can put together relevant, knock ’em out content for your pages and posts and help your website to rank well.

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