Dawn Comber: SEO Web Copywriter, Content Marketer

What you can expect in the copywriting process

As a web copy writer – I will work with you to

  • Identify and understand your market and their needs
  • Clarify your website messaging
  • Create web content and copy
  • Optimize your web copy for search engines (SEO)
  • Research keywords and competitors
  • Develop a strategy for your online marketing campaigns (Think about content marketing, newsletters, social media)

What makes Digital Dialogues different?

  1. My wide-ranging writing experience beyond web content. Over 15 years ago, I helped non-profits access funding for development projects from government agencies and corporate, community and individual donors.
  2. I am an SEO Certified Copywriter with Yoast SEO and a Certified SEO Basics Graduate with Yoast. What does that matter? I specialize in on-page SEO. I focus on holistic SEO. Web copy that is optimized for search, your website visitors that is well-written and informative is the cornerstone of your online marketing efforts.
  3. I offer additional value with WordPress. I am a co-founder of LearnWP – a company that helps business owners, marketing agencies and individuals learn WordPress so they can take control of their online content.
  4. You will work with me directly. I do not hand off writing projects.

While most of my clients come from the Greater Toronto area – including Mississauga, Oakville and Hamilton, I can work with clients just about anywhere because of amazing online tools.

Do you have a web project and you don’t know where to start? Get in touch with me.