Creating remarkable web copy – Toronto WordPress MeetUp group presentation

wpto-hashtag Yesterday I enjoyed presenting to a group of about 30 members of the Toronto WordPress MeetUp group. One reason I look forward to this MeetUp group is the sharing of ideas and information. And I love the Network Orange meeting space. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out in downtown Toronto at the corner of Shuter and Yonge across from the Eaton’s Centre.

Here’s a copy of my Creating Remarkable Copy – one website at a time presentation. Make sure you leave any questions or comments.

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4 comments on “Creating remarkable web copy – Toronto WordPress MeetUp group presentation
  1. Ruth Maude says:

    Thanks for a great presentation Dawn. I like how you state that the “goal is to match your site’s keyword content to your target markets’ search WITHOUT compromising the readability of your text”. Too often site owners try to target search engines at the expense of readers. Putting user-experience first doesn’t negatively impact your SEO.

    • Dawn says:

      Yes, thanks Ruth. I think of user experience as an SEO tactic. Well thought-out usability increases readers’ sharing your content.

  2. Marilyn Kay says:

    Definitely, Google is saying concentrate on quality content. I believe in using keywords, but without thinking from the user’s point of view, the content falls flat.

    • Dawn says:

      Yes – content needs to be written for site visitors. A colleague recently used the term HEO – Human Eye Optimization. That said, we still need to remember that to be found online through search (there are other ways to be found online such as through social media channels), your content needs to match your potential customers’ searches.

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