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Men doing the haka - write like the haka's in you

Write Like a Boss: 3 Techniques to Up Your Writing Productivity

Okay - it's a new year. You've taken stock of your blogging & writing efforts from last year. Maybe you're thinking ...
Blog Like An Olympian - Inspirational tips from Olympic athletes to help you never quit

How to blog like an Olympic athlete

I've been inspired by the character that all Olympic athletes demonstrate as they seek to accomplish their dreams at the ...
Learn On-page SEO

Learn On-page SEO

On-page SEO is an online marketing tactic that helps your website 'show up' in search results. Using on-page SEO can help you ...
Race car: Turbo charge your content

Turbo Charge Your Writing – 7 Tips for Web

Have you ever read some website content and found yourself saying “Huh?”  Maybe you couldn’t figure out the point that ...
Tips for Identifying Your Ideal Client

Tips for Identifying Your Ideal Client

In marketing language, an ‘ideal client’ is the person or business who is most likely to buy from you and ...
Getting over fear - blogging and more

More Tips to Overcome Your Blogging Fear

In my last post, I wrote about blogging discomfort and suggested some ways to overcome this discomfort. Most of my tips ...
Getting over blogging awkwardness

Getting over your blogging discomfort

I'm writing this post because of a client who recently expressed her reluctance about blogging. “It might sound strange to ...
Creating content - one of the biggest challenges for bloggers & businesses

How to create more content, more easily

In my last post, I wrote about getting your blogging mojo on. I suggested some ways to smooth the ups ...
What keeps you from blogging

Get Your Blogging Mojo On

What keeps you from blogging? Do you have too many online and real life distractions? Not enough time? Do you ...
Before You Hit Publish

Before You Hit Publish

There are a few reasons that people ignore or stop reading a post you've just published. First you haven't grabbed ...
Your blog as a hub (as in wheel center)

Your website or blog IS marketing central

I’ve had a post sitting in draft for a long time about this topic. But it was a brief email ...
Keywords & search

Change or die: Keywords should evolve

Refresh your keywords for search success I know, I know - such drama. But I wanted to get your attention ...
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