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Playmobile men building on tomato - build website static content Creating static marketing content for your website means sitting down with pen and paper, and thinking about your customers; their challenges or needs and wants, your products and your company. And yes, your competitors.

To help you write your static website content, here’s a list of questions and thought-starters for you to work with.

What problem or issue is your customer trying to solve?

Speak to that question in your website content.

Online product and services ‘search’ is about consumers and customers finding products or services that will meet their needs or desires. So when you write your content, you have to be clear crystal clear about the products and/or services you offer and why someone would want them.

Describe & list the important features & benefits that your customers should know about you & your products.

Match your features to your benefits. In other words, if your propduct saves your client a lot of time, let them know that a big benefit is time-saving. What makes your customers’ life or business better and/or different by having what you have to offer? [Note: Benefits are both tangible and intangible. Intangible = stress relief, more time, expert knowledge. Tangible=clearly written copy. ]

Explain why a site visitor should choose you over an online competitor?

What is it about you or your product or service that makes you superior to your competitor? Or perhaps just different.  As a writer, I offer copywriting. What makes me different is that I am a web writer.  I balance SEO (search engine optimization) and web HEO (human eye optimization) in all that I write for the web.   SO… why would a searcher choose you over a competitor?

How do you build trust?

Aside from academic qualifications, what is it about you that would instill confidence in your searcher? Your experience, former clients and testimonials all contribute to trust.

Tell your business story. Why did you start your business?

I know a vegan pet food owner. For ethical reasons (which I won’t go into here), he chose to become vegan about 2 years ago. Soon he realized that his dog was still eating meat.  And so he decided to experiment with vegan dog food. He had trouble sourcing healthy vegan pet food. This spurred him to start his own online store. That’s a story with heart. (Pssst – this is great About-page content.)

Know what sets you apart from your competition.

In business/marketing speak this is your unique value proposition. Think about customer service (on-time delivery, affordability, experience). Is customer service a part of your UVP? Or is there something truly unique about your product? I believe that part of my UVP is my customer experience. I am approachable and helpful. And I hit deadlines 99.99% of the time.

If they were referring you to someone else, what would they say?

Include testimonials from your customers.  Is there something that consistently comes up about your company or your service?

Who is your ideal customer? What is important to him or her? Is there particular language that impacts them?

When you answer this question include where they live, income, age and lifestyle preferences. Think about the particular problems that they have.

David Ogilvy, one of the original Mad Men of marketing said, “All good marketing requires empathy.” Knowing your ideal customer will help you to understand and empathize. You’ll understand their pain points. And you’ll be better equipped to share with them, how you can provide a solution.

Creating this static website content will take time. Often you will need to take more than one pass at getting your copy together.

Best advice from here, don’t stress about creating marketing content. Take your time. If you’re still unsure though, let’s talk – I can help you.

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