5 Tips from Top Bloggers at BlogWorld LA 2011

5 Tips from Blogging Experts

Are you new to blogging and social media? If you are, then listen to what some of the most respected people in social media said last week at BlogWorldLA.

Chris Brogan: Be there for people before the sale

My take: Be willing to reach out and help someone solve a problem. Don’t focus on what you have to offer. Get to know someone, their story, their problem and then try to solve it for them. This may not end up with you selling a product or a service.  But you’ve helped someone find what they need. You’ve made their day and my bet is that they’ll remember you for it.

Peter Shankman: Take responsibility for your actions

My take: If you screw up – admit it. Don’t try to hide – don’t try a cover up. Your motive for admitting a mistake is not to clear your path for future success. But there is an unintended consequence for doing so. Admitting a mistake demonstrates that while you may not be perfect, you may still be a trustworthy person.

Amber Naslund: “We are wayfarers. It’s not the era of experts…

It’s the era of inquisitors. It’s the era of the curious.”

My take: We’re at a pivotal moment in time. Social media and technology are giving us opportunities to do business, life and relationships in a new way. Let’s not only capture the wonder of where we are but also question everything we do and how we do it. Out of our questions, let’s create a new way of doing and being in business.

Darren Rowse: Be Useful and Make Life Better

My take: With social media, we have an opportunity to touch many more lives than we did a few years ago. Let’s use it for good. Help people – and make life better – for everyone.

Doug Anweiler: Don’t be a drive-by-social-media-ite

My take: Okay this isn’t exactly verbatim. Doug was actually talking about Twitter but it was such a great metaphor. Being a drive-by-er means being there to post your comment/s and then disappearing from the social media landscape. A drive-by-social-media-ite is like a fair weather friend. There for the minute and gone when you need them. Be available for people.  Stay, engage and be part of an ongoing conversation.

Did you attend BlogWorldLA? If so, what were some of your favourite truisms for social media?

And if you didn’t attend, what advice would you add?

Let’s talk … leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on “5 Tips from Top Bloggers at BlogWorld LA 2011”

  1. Hey Dawn,

    Thanks so much for writing about BlogWorld LA! I think your take-aways are great – I personally loved Amber’s keynote, so glad to see that you found it valuable as well. Hope that you have the chance to attend again in the future!

    1. Allison: Thanks for stopping by. I kept my post short which was a challenge. Honestly – there were so many take-aways that it was hard to choose. I bought a virtual pass too so that I can keep the inspiration going.

      Thanks also for putting together all the posts (so far) on BlogWorld LA. You’ve given an excellent archive of people’s reactions and learning.

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