SEO Copywriting: Optimized Content For Search & Site Visitors

SEO copywriting focuses your web page content around words and phrases commonly used by site visitors. The goal is to give clues and cues to search engines.  When website visitors begin their journey by searching in Google, SEO copy writing will boost your web pages rank in organic search engine results. 

I write website content using on-page optimization principles. This leads to more traffic to your website, more conversions and better business results.

SEO Copywriting = Better Search Results = More Visitors to Your Website

Copywriting for Site Visitors

Copywriting incorporates your key messages to your website readers. It includes words that resonate—as if you know what they’re thinking. Your website will perform better—visitors will stay longer. You’ll see an uplift in bottom line as people reach out and do business with you.

Combining SEO Copywriting and Writing for your Audience

Optimized content—writing for both search engines and your audience—demands creatively writing website copy and content that satisfies two audiences — simultaneously: readers and search engines. 

Crafting optimized content is a combination of art and science. Optimized content demands creatively writing so that you satisfy your audience and Search Engines — simultaneously.

There’s a beautiful synergy between SEO and optimized content.  Better results in search leads to more traffic to your site. Well-written website content means more conversions. That’s the the synergy. 

Content Marketing, Blogging & Article Writing

Smart Businesses Use Content Marketing to Connect with Their Audience

Helpful information – the questions that your audience ask – this is what your content marketing should be focused on. Whether its a post or an article, you give your audience the helpful, inspiring or entertaining information they search for or require to make a purchase decision. 

Content marketing is the natural synergy created between content marketing and SEO. You write content on topics your audience is searching for. They discover you through your content.

Writing and Optimization Work I’ve Done

Since 2007 I’ve provided optimized SEO content and copywriting for Toronto web developers, Ontario agencies and small businesses—boosting their results in search engines. You can see a partial client list here.

After We’ve Worked Together Your Website Copy Will

  • Be clear and compelling
  • Optimized for Google and for your audience
  • Bring more traffic, leads and conversions.

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