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Write Like a Boss: Up Your Writing Productivity

With These 3 Techniques Okay – it’s a new year. You’ve taken stock of your blogging and writing efforts from last year. Maybe you’re thinking that you’ve done pretty well. You’ve delivered valuable content consistently. Or maybe you’re disappointed in your writing efforts. Secretly you know that you’ve avoided writing and blogging because it took so much time. Regardless of where you are on the writing satisfaction spectrum, this post will help you to up your productivity

Tips for Identifying Your Ideal Client

In marketing language, an ‘ideal client’ is the person or business who is most likely to buy from you and who will most benefit from your product or service. I find this definition narrow. I want to share a process that can help you to identify an ideal client as someone you most want to work with. Begin with existing or past clients Take a minute and think about an existing or past client who

Turbo Charge Your Writing – 7 Tips for Web

Have you ever read some website content and found yourself saying “Huh?”  Maybe you couldn’t figure out the point that the writer was trying to make. Or you couldn’t find the information you were searching for. Sometimes the problem with the writing is the content and at other times it is format (I’ll address that in another post).  Whether writing for web or for print, there are a few tried and true techniques that will

Before You Hit Publish

There are a few reasons that people ignore or stop reading a post you’ve just published. First you haven’t grabbed their attention. And then if you have it, your readers leave because your post doesn’t provide interesting or informative content. And then your content may be just too hard to read.  So here’s a checklist for catchy, web-friendly and easy-on-the-eyes content. 1. Review your headline (article title) Is your title strong enough to pique your readers’