How to blog like an Olympic athlete

Blog Like An Olympian - Inspirational tips from Olympic athletes to help you never quitUpdated post – First written in 2012 – I am again inspired by the hard work and commitment of all athletes – Olympians or otherwise.

This post was inspired by the character that all Olympic athletes demonstrate as they seek to accomplish their dreams at the Olympics.

What does it mean to blog like an Olympic athlete?

Give your strength

Make a schedule. Stick to it. Don`t make excuses. Make it a priority. Work to improve your blogging every day. Don’t give up – write until it hurts.

Give your passion

Blog what you’re passionate about. Invest yourself in your writing. Find ways to refresh your passion. Refresh your blogging through reading. Read then blog.

Give your Sweat

You have to sweat if you want to get. Sweating it speaks to


Give your Focus

Lose the distractions. Focus on the goal. Don`t get sidetracked. When you`re discouraged, don`t let it beat you. Keep blogging even when you don`t want to. Don`t use excuses.

Give your Highs

Get high visualizing achieving the goal. Move to a quiet space. Clear your mind and imagine the win. What are you seeing? What are people saying or what noises can you hear? What are you thinking? Notice all the details. Visualizing helps you see the end from the beginning.

Give your Lows

Marnie McBean, (Olympic summer games athlete) said that she trains for the bad days not for the good. What a great attitude for blogging. You train for the days that it doesn’t come easily. You have the grit and the perseverance to keep going even when it is BAD. Your training, your practice will get you through the bad days.

Give your Heart

Sounds corny, I know but blog from the heart. Be transparent. Be personal. Blogging is less formal than other writing. You can let your hair down a bit and share a little more personally and write more informally.

Give your dreams

Create your blogging goals. What is your big goal (strategic)? You have to know what you want to accomplish. And don’t set any goals with the words “should” in them like `I should write a weekly post.` Your goals are determined by how you define success for yourself.

Once you`ve set your big strategic goal, think about tactical goals – the goals that you need to achieve to reach the big goal.

Give until there is nothing left … Then give more

This is what athletes do – they give until there is nothing left to give. Are you blogging like an athlete?

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