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Tips for Identifying Your Ideal Client

In marketing language, an ‘ideal client’ is the person or business who is most likely to buy from you and who will most benefit from your product or service. I find this definition narrow. I want to share a process that can help you to identify an ideal client as someone you most want to work with. Begin with existing or past clients Take a minute and think about an existing or past client who

How to create more content, more easily

In my last post, I wrote about getting your blogging mojo on.  I suggested some ways to smooth the ups and downs of creativity in your blogging.  I was talking at the 3,000 metre level about scheduling regular posts blocking time in your daytimer using an editorial calendar plugin I had also previously posted a checklist to review your post’s content – after you’d written it.  This post was a little more granular – a checklist

Developing Web Content through Play

Narrative Design Labs are creative labs where as a business person, you are challenged to look at your business (and yourself) in a new way. Today, we are actors in a new business environment. We need to find a new way to look at our work and how we express who we are and what we offer. This post (hopefully) will spark your creativity and give you a fresh outlook for work.

Words of Inspiration 4

I’m continuing to encourage you all to pick a word for focus per month. I have been basing this little exercise on the 11 Words of Inspiration from a Box of Crayons video that I saw at the beginning of 2011 “11 Words of Inspiration for 2011”.  In case you want a 48 second move away from reality and into fun, I am uploading this video once again this month. So what word do you