Developing Web Content through Play

Narrative Design Labs are creative labs where as a business person, you are challenged to look at your business (and yourself) in a new way. Today, we are actors in a new business environment. We need to find a new way to look at our work and how we express who we are and what we offer. This post (hopefully) will spark your creativity and give you a fresh outlook for work.

11 Words of Inspiration – Part 2

Last month, I asked friends to choose a word from the fun video by Box of Crayons (11 Words of Inspiration for 2011). This month, I’m asking you to choose yet another word that you believe will describe your month of March.

Social Media and Social Activism

One inspired girl – a big dash of social media, social activism, motivation, traditional media and what do you get? One of many, many success stories of how social media and the Internet can make a difference in the world. My daughter’s story is just one of many. Imagine the impact if each person who learned about Tom’s One Day Without Shoes spread the word to their friends and contacts.

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