11 Words of Inspiration – Part 2

Garbage CanBased on the fun and inspirational video from Box of Crayons about 11 Words of Inspiration for 2011, I wrote a post about words of inspiration for your February.  Then I asked you to choose a word that described what you which word might be the focus for your February.  If you didn’t participate in February – don’t worry you can still step into the fun now and pick a word of inspiration for March. And if you need a reminder of the words for 2011 – just replay the video from my previous post (linked above).

For February, I chose the word partner because I have some wonderful people with which to partner.  How did I do? Well, I did partner in several ways (work, learning and writing) and PARTNER will continue to be a part of my life this month.

But this month, I’m choosing DISCARD as my word of inspiration.

To discard: throw out, cast away, chuck out or toss out. [Have some fun with this visual thesaurus. Pick your word and enter it to find similar terms and their relation your word of the month. ]

Why discard you ask?  I’m on a mssion to discard some “old”  pieces of furniture and clothes.  AND I am also planning on doing some discarding of text and words.  A goal for me this month, is to DISCARD some old web content and create new content.

Tell me, how focused was your February on your word of the month?  What word will you pick for March? And why?

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4 comments on “11 Words of Inspiration – Part 2
  1. dandelionweb says:

    Hi Dawn… my word for February was “explore “. I started a new web project http://allthingsencaustic.com to explore how to run a blog collectively (so I don’t have to write all the content) and to explore how to monetize a blog. I’m enjoying it a lot. The word I’m going to choose for March is “collaboration“, similar to the word “partner” suggested by Box of Crayons.

    • Dawn says:

      Thanks Ruth… there are subtle difference between partner and collaborate. I’m looking forward to watching your collaboration and learning from you.

  2. Rob Cairns says:

    Hi Dawn, my word of inspiration for February was Prioritize since I had way too many projects going on in my work life and I had to sit down and re-evaluate the order I was doing things in.

    For March my word is balance since I need to balance my home , professional and volunteer lives. The key is to balance what you do so everything gets done and that I do not burn out.

    • Dawn says:

      Hey Rob, Agreed – this is a big challenge for freelancers! How do you turn off? I’ll be interested to see whether you achieved your goal of balance for March.

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