A website is born – a little overdue…

Welcome to my new website. After many rewrites and redesigns, I am now the resident blogger for my writing and editing website.eggs opening

I’m Dawn Comber – an experienced, professional writer. I provide creative, affordable writing and editing services for clients – for print and for the web.  I always begin by conversing with you to understand your needs, and then I help you to converse, communicate and connect with your customers.

Most of my clients are in Toronto, Mississauga and Oakville, but the beauty of technology and the Internet allows me to work with small businesses, non-profits and people just about anywhere.

Web copywriter, lover of words, WordPress workshop facilitator. When I'm not writing, I am gardening, drinking coffee or letting my cat lounge on my lap.

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One comment on “A website is born – a little overdue…
  1. Esther Comber says:

    Hey mummy,
    I was bored when I was on the computer so I decided to take a look at your site. It’s pretty cool. But, as I said before I liked your first two colours! Green and Light Blue. They’re my favourite colours so you can’t blame me for liking them more!

    Lots of Love,

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