The SEO World Map

The Changing SEO Map

If SEO was a world map, we would constantly redraw the boundaries. Some of the great SEO techniques included:

  • using alternative text for images (since bots can’t read images)
  • keyword meta tags
  • keyword density analysis
  • submitting your website to directories

I have used most of these techniques in the past believing that clients would show up well in search engine results – and they usually did. While SEO copywriters still use many of these techniques, and they are somewhat helpful, we use those strategies but I use them for different reasons.

The Use of Alt Text

I now use alt text to comply with Creative Common Licenses. I like to promote images and photos from people who are freely sharing their art. I use Flickr and abide by the Creative Commons Guidelines. Check out  Flickr for some fantastic images. And alt text is still useful for Google Image searches if you want your site or images to show up in searches.

Keyword Research, the Keyword Meta Tag & Keyword Density Analysis

I still do keyword research. I find search for words and phrases that people would use to find my clients products and services. Then I write text using those terms. This helps me to keep my writing tight and focused. I still include no longer use a keyword meta tag… but I recognize that this doesn’t necessarily have a big impact on optimization… it just feels right to do it. And when I come across sites that still have one in their meta data, I know the site is old and needs an update.

I never did do keyword density analysis. I strictly focused on text and content. I use the analysis feature on the WordPress SEO plugin to find out whether my keyword density is within a good range.

I confess that I still submit sites no longer submit sites to directories. I recently submitted a sitemap to Google and within a week, the site’s ranking had jumped by two points. What does that tell you? That tells me that Google likes you to use their tools. Check out how to submit your sitemap to Google using Search Console.

I no longer submit sites to the ODP – The Open Directory Project. The ODP is “the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. It is constructed and maintained by a vast, global community of volunteer editors.” I loved that. I also liked the fact that this is a volunteer community committed to editing and monitoring sites on the web. I like the human touch (although this can have its limitations, as well). One problem that arose was that there were so many sites being submitted that it took an enormous amount of time to get listed. That’s why I no longer use this technique for a legit backlink.

Some of the older SEO techniques are not as relevant as they were in the past but I am still using them. But I use these techniques for different reasons. What are some tried and true techniques that you still use? And for what reason are you using them? Leave a comment here and let me know.

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