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Steve Jobs made the big announcement about the release of iPad 2 in the past two weeks. We learned yesterday that it will be released in Canada on March 25th – first in Apple Stores and then in distributors’ stores @ 5 PM.  The big release promises:

  • 2x faster
  • all-out-graphics performance improvement
  • Sleeker and lighter

I’m not writing this post to give free advertising for the new Apple iPad 2. I’m writing this because of the release of the iPad 2 reminded me that there is an increasing push into mobile browsing.  If you are providing web content, you need to be aware of how your site looks on mobile networks and if necessary, address site issues mobile browsing might create.  The last thing you want it to drive someone to another site because yours isn’t working!

In his reveal, Steve Jobs reminded us that the iPad 2 is not an upgrade of the existing iPad but a completely dramatic redesign. Most important features of this new tool/toy include:

So, since the Canadian release of iPad 2.0 is tomorrow, I thought you might want to check out how your site will display on iPads using The iPad Peek. Just type in your URL in the browser and hit enter. Voila!

The iPad Peek is a handy web tool for you to check how your site displays on mobile web browsers. There’s one drawback that I am aware of however; the iPad Peek doesn’t offer a completely “real” iPad experience – so your viewing isn’t 100% accurate (for example, Flash won’t work on an iPad but Flash will display on iPad Peek). But it comes pretty close and if your site doesn’t have Flash, I think it realistically displays how your site will show up.

Are you thinking about mobile browsing? Are you doing something about it? If so, what?

2 thoughts on “The iPad 2 and iPad Peek”

  1. I use the WPTouch mobile plugin on my site for mobile visitors. WPTouch is a WordPress plugin and highly recommended.

    Secondly, if you activate the developer mode in the Safari Browser, the User Agent module(s) is a great tool for seeing how your website will look in the mobile space.

    1. Hey Clarence, Thanks for adding that great info. I forgot to mention WPTouch WordPress plugin and it’s a great plugin that I use. And now, excuse me while I activate the developer mode the in the Safari Browser!

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