Whimsy and Words of Inspiration 5

I’m continuing my monthly series on Words of Inspiration where you choose a word and then you practice focusing on this word in your life – be it in your business or personal life.

I’ve enjoyed doing this little inspirational post every month. Doing the exercise makes me pause in my day and decide what my priorities will be for the coming month.  At times, I’ve been tempted to discontinue the series becasue it seems a little whimsical.  Perhaps that is the very reason to continue it. Take some time for whimsy today.

Friends and colleagues have commented that this exercise is both useful and enjoyable so… I’m posting this whimsy for the 5th time (I didn’t think of this series until the end of January).  If you’re repeating this exercise, take a minute to review the words you’ve chosen before.  Is a pattern emerging for you?

Here’s my list thus far:

  • Embrace – the new year
  • Partner – with amazing colleagues
  • Discard – web content
  • Flow – with work
  • Love – appreciating people in my life, my great health and enriching work opportunities


How have I done? How have you done?

This past month (May) I really did not focus on my word LOVE. I quickly forgot love and gratitude and moved into complaining and forgetting to be thankful for the people and work in my life.  So if at all possible, I think that I am going to keep this word as a subtext.

Blooming-Containers2I’ve noticed in the past few days that I have been thinking about creativity.  It’s hard to believe but CREATE is not one of the 11 words of inspiration. So I’ve decided to leave the 11 words for this month.  But I don’t want to just be creative or to CREATE but I want to create something beautiful.  It might be an image or words or it might be creating a beautiful memory.

How about you?  What will you focus on this month? What was your focus last month? Did you really see a difference in your life or work as a result of focusing on a word of choice?

Please leave a comment and let me know.

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4 comments on “Whimsy and Words of Inspiration 5
  1. Last month the word I chose for May was FLOW. For the most part, I went with the FLOW– in some ways, I had no choice, but to go with whatever was thrown at me this last month because so much was out of my control. For June, I am choosing SAVOUR. Ironically, this month I chose to begin a very strict life change in the way I eat. Therefore, I am learning to SAVOUR the food I am eating rather than experience the unbelievable pain not eating correctly gave me in my feet and legs. I am also going to SAVOUR all experiences that come my way. I have learned these past few months that if you can SAVOUR any aspect of life, you are bound to learn lots– even when there is pain and suffering involved– I would even say, “You learn more if you are willing to take a good look at why you are fortunate to be the one to experience tumultuous things!”

    • Dawn says:

      SAVOUR – Savouring food and experiences. And using savouring to turn pain and suffering into learning and gratitude. Deep life lessons. Thanks.

  2. Ruth Maude says:

    I was away early June and missed this. I was really pathetic last month… my word was “Laugh” and I didn’t do much laughing. I’m just home from an Art Conference so your word CREATE for June really resonates with me this month. As a web designer I have a creative occupation but I do enjoy getting my hands dirty gardening and painting as creative hobbies.

    • Dawn says:

      We’ll have to compare whether we have accomplished creating by this month’s end. I also know that you do some tasty creating in the kitchen!

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