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SEO: Compiling your keywords for search success

Keywords are the foundation of on-page SEO Before you begin any web content project, you need to build your keyword ...
How to do better in Google: WordCamp Toronto 2012 Session

How to do better in Google: WordCamp Toronto 2012 Session

WordCamp Toronto Presentation Given by Ruth Maude & Dawn Comber Optimizing Your WordPress Site and Web Content for Search Session Description ...
On-page SEO tips

Website malfunction: A cautionary tale

My day began with a phone call from a client who I hadn't heard from in quite a while. She ...
Super hero finding awesome online images

Free image tools & resources for image-challenged people

If you're like me - and even if you're not, you might not have the image schtick nailed down when ...
SEO web writing & visibility - a lovebird match

Web writing and SEO

The key to optimizing your site for search is found in keywords. Keywords are those words and phrases that people ...
Easy - transform docs to posts wordpress

How to Turn Word Docs into WordPress Posts

When LearnWP holds its WordPress workshops, I am often asked about transposing a post from Word to WordPress. Although many workshop participants are becoming ...
Playmobile men building on tomato - build website static content

Build your static website content simply

Creating static marketing content for your website means sitting down with pen and paper, and thinking about your customers; their ...
Finding Keywords with Google

How to Use Google’s Keyword Tool for Your Content

Updated: Google no longer offers a Keyword Tool but now has a Keyword Planner. Google has many reasons to have ...

Creating remarkable web copy – Toronto WordPress MeetUp group presentation

Yesterday I enjoyed presenting to a group of about 30 members of the Toronto WordPress MeetUp group. One reason I ...
Burning a Feed

Feedburner and burning a feed

What is Feedburner? Feedburner is a Google service for bloggers or anyone who publishes content online. Feedburner delivers your new ...

Keywords for better Search Engine Results

A while back, I wrote about tactics that draw and keep your website audience. One tactic I mentioned was using ...
Mobile devices

Thinking of Going Mobile in 2012?

When I say going mobile, I am not talking about getting a smartphone or a tablet. I’m talking about making ...
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