A Test and it’s Fun? Since when …

A test that's fun_ Since When

I want to share a fun test that I have been taking for the last few weeks. This is a test that challenges your ability to identify the direct mail letter or web copy (or other marketing material) that moved the largest number of people to respond to the marketing piece.

The site, Which Test Won features a weekly real-life test on which you can vote.  Once you take a close look at two pieces of similar marketing copy, you are asked to select which version you believe prompted the greatest response.

Background on Which Site Won

Which Test Won is a site owned by Anne Holland Ventures – “a B2B publishing and professional education firm. Our experts create content, events, and courses that help businesses grow.”  As content creators, they promote testing as a marketing best practice.

Testing my ability to identify effective copy

As a copywriter, these tests make me ‘analyze’ copy.  What is about the copy that has moved people to action?  Some principles that come up repeatedly are:

  • Engaging your readers through story-telling
  • Scannable text (yes formatting matters)
  • Accessible language
  • Spell-out benefits or positive outcomes as a result of taking action

Take the copy test

If you’re a wordsmith who likes to play games and challenge yourself, these short weekly tests and the ensuing dialogue are a great way to hone your thinking and skills.

Are you interested in taking the tests? Do you think that you’d learn anything from them? Let me know…

If you sign up for the tests, we can compare our results and talk about why we voted for Version A or B.  Or we can talk about whether it was a good test – some are better than others.

If you want to take the test, go to Which Test Won. BUT leave a comment first…

5 thoughts on “A Test and it’s Fun? Since when …”

  1. I think that people respond well to stories they relate to. The first example is worded as someone else’s story so people may not connect with it. The second example uses statistics but it does make you think of it personally – any second now this could happen to me. An interesting exercise.

  2. Hi, Dawn,

    This was a great idea to share. I’ve taken the test a few times (failed it sometimes, passed others), and I did find it a learning experience. I like pushing my wits, so tests like this (about something I should know) are practically irresistible to me.

    1. Shakirah, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Like you, I’ve passed and failed a few tests in my time. What fascinated me about the last test in particular is that more than 70% of those tested chose the wrong answer.

    1. Hi Suzanne

      Thanks for stopping by! I do these tests whenever I have the time. They challenge my gut and my reasoning. And the comments from those taking the tests make them especially interesting. I read ideas and perspectives that didn’t occur to me. Glad you enjoyed it.

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