Blogging Tips

More Tips to Overcome Your Blogging Fear

In my last post, I wrote about blogging discomfort and suggested some ways to overcome this discomfort. Most of my tips touched on tactics you could use to familiarize yourself with the web, finding your voice and getting comfortable with the idea of being “public” as a way of easing discomfort. Then I realised that there are others factors — internal factors — at play that lead us to feel uncomfortable about making the leap to

How to blog like an Olympic athlete

I’ve been inspired by the character that all Olympic athletes demonstrate as they seek to accomplish their dreams at the London 2012 Olympics. I saw such a parallel between the sometimes strenuous nature of blogging or writing that I decided to write a post about it.

How to Turn Word Docs into WordPress Posts

When LearnWP holds its WordPress workshops, I am often asked about transposing a post from Word to WordPress. Although many workshop participants are becoming increasingly comfortable with writing directly into the visual editor or text editor, it’s still helpful to know the process for moving from Word to WordPress. Here are the easy steps: Step 1: Create your Blog Post in Word Begin by creating your post in a Word document. Make sure that you include all the styling/formatting