Newson’s Bike and Skate Exchange

Newson’s Bike and Skate Exchange is a family-run business that has served west Toronto bike and skate enthusiats for over 80 years. As a storefront, one of our important goals was to send people to the store location. We updated Newson’s content to reflect what people wanted to know before they came to the store, revised their business services & products while optimizing for search.

Dawn was responsible for a complete overhaul of the content on my retail business’ website.  She was extremely professional, prompt, and I found her rates to be very reasonable.  Communication is key in her business and she was always available for a conversation, via phone or email.  Her work on the site led to tremendous improvements and all our needs were not only met, but exceeded.  I would not hesitate for a second to give her my highest recommendation.

Justin Grimaldi, Business Owner

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