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Content marketing helps you attract new customers or support existing customers by giving them valuable and relevant information about your products or services. Two of the biggest challenges facing business today are creating engaging content (36%) and creating enough content (21%).  Here’s how I can help:

  • Identify your most effective marketing channels
  • Create a promotion strategy for your marketing content
  • Create content (posts) to attract your customers and boost your visibility in search

How often you create and promote content will depend on your audience and the goals you have for your content marketing. Depending on your budget and your markets’ demands, we can create content on a weekly or monthly basis.

The added benefit of content marketing is that you will do better in organic search results by adding fresh content to your website and by addressing key questions, concerns and interests of your customers.

Web copywriter, lover of words, WordPress workshop facilitator. When I'm not writing, I am gardening, drinking coffee or letting my cat lounge on my lap.

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