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MaRS Discovery District

Patience, expertise, passion and fun – these words define Dawn. SEO was quite new to us but with Dawn’s help we were able to optimize our content for search engines and learn SEO. I would recommend her service to anybody who is looking to optimize their website.

We could not have developed ArtBridges’ new website without Dawn! She really got to know our project’s mandate and diverse audience before getting started with writing copy & developing site navigation. We’ve received many comments about the professional quality and accessibility of our site. It’s truly been a pleasure working with Dawn.

Dawn, of Digital Dialogues, conducted an extensive diagnosis of our website which revealed that we were not searchable on the Internet—shocking news to a small business owner! Immediately following the diagnosis, Dawn provide us with a plan of action and quickly got started implementing a solution. Dawn was professional, flexible, and always available to answer my many questions. Thank you, Dawn.

Dawn captured the essence of the Sassafraz story in her copywriting. She worked in a timely manner and was a pleasure to work with. We will reach out to her again in the future. Thanks, Dawn.

When I told a colleague that I had hired Dawn to re-write the home page of my website, his reaction was, “why, you’re a good writer”. Sure, I can write and I like to. But here’s the thing. When we’re in business for ourselves, we can be too close to our business and that can get in the way of writing effective, persuasive copy – after all, our businesses are our babies. Having someone removed from your business, someone who can take a dispassionate view and produce compelling and powerful copy is so important.

Within one week of replacing my home page with Dawn’s words requests for consultations with new clients increased significantly and I attribute that to her words.

So if you are thinking that you can write your own copy and save a few dollars I suggest thinking again. Your website is the first impression people get of you and your business and you want it to be outstanding. Dawn Comber can do that for you.

Dawn did an amazing job of simplifying & re-organizing my content. She helped develop a strong brand voice, coupled with calls to action. My site ranks high in search results, delivers clear and concise messaging & instils creditability to my site visitors. I highly recommend Dawn if you want to improve your business results.

Dawn was responsible for a complete overhaul of the content on my retail business’ website. She was extremely professional, prompt, and I found her rates to be very reasonable. Communication is key in her business and she was always available for a conversation, via phone or email. Her work on the site led to tremendous improvements and all our needs were not only met, but exceeded. I would not hesitate for a second to give her my highest recommendation.

My website has a clear professional message. Digital Dialogues delivered the content that makes my site work.

I knew nothing about writing for the web when I contacted Dawn. She helped me assess my existing page copy & made suggestions to optimize my content for web reading & search engines resulting in increased visits to my website. She was efficient & extremely supportive. Dawn exceeded my every expectation. I highly recommend her!

Dawn was always patient as she led me in the process of creating content. She listened and understood the messages I wanted to communicate to potential clients, and then with her expertise and skill, put it together in a way that is appropriate for the web.

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