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More Tips to Overcome Your Blogging Fear

In my last post, I wrote about blogging discomfort and suggested some ways to overcome this discomfort. Most of my tips touched on tactics you could use to familiarize yourself with the web, finding your voice and getting comfortable with the idea of being “public” as a way of easing discomfort. Then I realised that there are others factors — internal factors — at play that lead us to feel uncomfortable about making the leap to

How to create more content, more easily

In my last post, I wrote about getting your blogging mojo on.  I suggested some ways to smooth the ups and downs of creativity in your blogging.  I was talking at the 3,000 metre level about scheduling regular posts blocking time in your daytimer using an editorial calendar plugin I had also previously posted a checklist to review your post’s content – after you’d written it.  This post was a little more granular – a checklist

Getting over your blogging discomfort

I’m writing this post because of a client who recently expressed her reluctance about blogging. “It might sound strange to you,” she said. “I’m a writer. I’ve written grants, donor materials, research papers. But writing for a blog… it just seems too personal. Some blogs (for example, the infamous Julie and Julia) seem to spew and tell all. And they’re successful. But I don’t want to blog like that.” She’s not alone. Many of my

Get Your Blogging Mojo On

What keeps you from blogging? Do you have too many online and real life distractions? Not enough time? Do you have to write the perfect post? Are you unsure what your readership wants/needs to hear from you? Does your creativity ebb and flow?  You are not alone Some of these excuses reasons for not blogging don’t need brilliant solutions. They call for old-fashioned self-discipline. Too many distractions and not enough time are cover-ups for other reasons for