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Have you ever created a “written communication”—anything from email to memo to a story and then wonder if it delivered the message you wanted to? An editor will strengthen your voice and message.

How many times have you looked at websites and seen that there were typos or grammatical errors or text that didn’t flow properly—the copy did not make sense? That’s where you need an editor. Behind every great writer, there is an even greater editor. So often as a writer, business or otherwise, you need a second set of eyes—an objective third party who can dispassionately look at your writing and make it better. Even if that means cutting a lot of web content out.

Every editor has to remember the audience, tone  and the goal of writing. I will work with your copy to make it smoother, clearer and more concise. In each editing project, I work collaboratively with clients to ensure that their voice, style and messaging comes through in the copy.   My editing services include:

  • Copy editing: Editing for elements of grammar and those embarrassing typos
  • Style editing: Editing so that the author’s meaning is communicated more clearly
  • Structural editing: Reorganizing content for better readability
  • Web editing: Altering style using principles of web readership
  • SEO editing: Editing for organic search

SEO Editing

SEO editing— a specialised form of editing—will help your web pages rank well organically in search engine results. When you optimize content for SEO, you aim to provide cues to Google so the bots understand what your page is about. Using foundational keywords, I will edit or rewrite website content so that your content will align with your potential customers’ searches in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

A Website Content Audit is a solid business investment. A content-SEO audit before an edit can show you where your website is performing well or where it might be under-performing. 

Smart SEO editing requires

  • keyword research and insights
  • strong internal linking strategies
  • text chunking text
  • headings

I’ve helped many Toronto businesses and agencies with their website content. We’ve improved SEO results and increased traffic to their websites. 

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