Website Content Audits – Learn Why Your Website is Underperforming

Have you noticed a drop-off in site visitors? Maybe the phone has stopped ringing. It might be time for a website content refresh. 

But before you commit time and resources to a website rewrite, a content and copy audit will identify content that’s working and content that is not. And whether an update is worth the money.

This no-obligation objective audit of your site content will includes a list of recommendations to improve navigation, search engine optimization, usability, readability, messaging and written content.

What’s included? 

  • Copy writing assessment: A review of existing web copy with general guidelines and recommendations (Note: Editing copy is not included in this assessment)
  • Messaging review: Does your copy clearly convey the right messages?
  • Review of page elements that make your website appealing to your customers
  • Assessment of the usability & functionality of your website layout and design with recommended improvements
  • Keyword analysis: A review of your keywords with suggestions for improved SEO results

What will it cost?

A content audit is $500

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