April Fool’s & Discarding

How often is it that you have a direct link from a previous post when you weren’t posting a series? Well for me, that is just about never. But today is my lucky day.

From my last post about 11 inspirational words, I talked about my failure to really be inspired to DISCARD for the month of March.

Lo and behold, I learned something interesting from a Joan Chittister newsletter.  I learned that the term April Fool’s referred to people who would not accept the new standardized system of defining the beginning of the year. You see, April 1st was originally the first day of the year – not January 1st.  Those who resisted standardizing calendar time and discarding April 1st as the beginning of the new year, were called April Fool’s.

Don’t we often resist giving up or discarding those things which, if we lost them, wouldn’t make an iota of difference? What are those things you’re holding onto that you cannot DISCARD?

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3 comments on “April Fool’s & Discarding
  1. Ruth Maude says:

    I was just returning to your blog to re-read your post and comment that I had decided to make my word for April “discard” and I found this new post! Thanks for this Dawn. I’m enjoying the series and the exercise of focusing on a word for each month. Spring cleaning is all about cleaning out closets and getting organized, a natural time to discard. I guess I’m an April Fool – isn’t Spring a better time to start a new year!

    • Dawn says:

      You do make a good argument as to why April should still be the start of a new year… and in reflection, I agree. I’m left here thinking that somehow we’ve strayed from the initial point of this small reflection. Ha!

  2. Dirtbiker says:

    Well, I am thinking I must be an April fool, cause I like the idea of the year starting in April too! Oh yeah regarding “discard”ing stuff. Let’s just say that I am on a journey, OK?

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